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Sunday, 5:30am, Grand Central.

Saturday, March the 6th (11:00pm). 
First night landing in New York, first time landing in America, a pilgrimage must be done: I’m walking to the Apple store 5th avenue!
Posting a selfie from NYC on facebook. Checking my emails. No answers to the CouchSurfing requests I made. I book a hostel, buy an ipod, load some music on, and go there, 50 blocks up north, to finally hardly understand that, it is full…

Sunday, March the 7th (1:30am). 
I remember I was laughing, back in France, saying I would sleep in the street … Well … from Harlem river Dr area, the border of the infamously known Bronx, I’m walking back to some nicer -posher maybe- area, looking for somewhere safe and hidden to have a nap. The chessboard patterned streets aren’t great for hideout …
Sunday, 5:30am, Grand Central
Sunday, March the 7th (5:30am).
The plan is to meet my two travel mates this morning. They are reaching NYC by train. We are supposed to meet in Grand Central at 8:00am.
For once, I won’t be late!

“I’m there, in the main room under a flag, find me, good night!”. In a corner, seating on my backpack, hat and coat on I’m off for the night.

– “Do you think that’s him?!”
– “Huh?! (Lemme sleep!)”

Aah!! What a good feeling to be woken up by a familiar face! Marie, Roxane, with a Sinatra’s song in minds, our week of holiday and sightseeing is starting!!



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